Our clustered hosting helps you spread the load of hosting across several dedicated servers. This method of load balancing helps eliminate multiple points of failure experienced with a single server hosting. By connecting several dedicated servers, we provide more cost-efficient way for you to benefit from the high performance level, scalability and reliability. With clustered hosting, you can be sure of gaining the highest uptime, ensuring no business interruption.



We will load balance your hosting, so that workload gets spread evenly over multiple servers. This ensures no downtime and we’ll make sure your website is always up and running.


Your sites that are hosted in our clustered hosting environment will load much faster than hosted on normal servers. The sharing of RAM power and CPU speed means your website will have all the resources it needs to work quickly and efficiently.


Our clustered hosting infrastructure is specially designed to cope with seasonal traffic spikes without compromising on the performance.


In our clustered hosting environment, you can assign specific roles to each of the servers in order to distribute the workload. These roles can be assigned depending on the amount of disk space, speed and even bandwidth.


Our technical support team is always prepared and ready 24x7x365 to attend to your hosting inquiries.

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