The significance of live and on-demand video streaming nowadays has never been this momentous. It shaped the way businesses communicate and engage with customers. With endless innovative video content circulating around the world at a baffling speed, businesses must keep up with the ever-evolving customers’ demand. IPServerOne provides solutions to accelerate video streaming without the dreaded latency and performance issues. Our video streaming infrastructure is highly scalable, elastic and highly secure. Our technical team will assist you on the setup of the transcoding server as well as the distribution aspect of your video stream. Transcoding, or also known as video encoding, is the process of taking content data and changing it into different formats such as the size, resolution, and file format. The video content is initially decompressed, revised, and then re-compressed into the desired format. In addition to transcoding, our CDN capabilities will help your video content be distributed swiftly to your customers wherever they are located in.



Our solutions are fully secure against external malicious attack. IPServerOne's DDoS Mitigation provides you with network-based and "Always-On" protection with the assurance of 24x7 monitoring.

Leverage No. 1
BGP Network

IPSERVERONE is the Number ONE hosting provider in Malaysia that operates its own Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) network on direct peering with 6 upstream providers. We have implemented intelligent routing, coupled with the industry standard BGP with multiple locations robustly transmits data with the least possible latency.

Flexible and

To ensure seamless video streaming experience, IPServerOne offers a broad range of platform integrations as well as the flexibility to stream your videos to various regions around the world, whether it is a live stream or a video on demand.


Our server is ready for your toughest business operations because we deploy only industrial-grade hardware that meets the most stringent requirements. We make sure our servers are conditioned for the top-level peak performance.


Customer support and experience have always been our priority. We ensure that our support team can be contacted at all times, 24x7x365. We take immense pride in delivering the best user experience to our customers at every step of the way.

Room for

Features such as scalability and reliability allow you to focus more on productivity, which ultimately leads to better video content innovation. You do not have to worry about the difficult aspects of video streaming as we will do the hard job

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