IP ServerOne: Business Continuity Planning
BCP: Business Continuity Planning

Plan B for Your IT Disaster Recovery Plan

Don’t wait for disasters. IP ServerOne stands ready to support your business continuity. Business goes a long way with the right plan. 

Business Continuity Planning (BCP) acts as a contingency plan for business operations to fall back to in times of recovery, be it long term or short term.

Furnished with the best amenities, IPServerOne BCP workspace provides your team with a space that is flexible, easily accessible, and accommodates all your business-critical operations.

IP ServerOne BCP is planned out with equipment, site locations supplies, and backups in mind.

Ensure Continuous Operations.
Shrug the concerns and pull it together to continue operations.

24/7 Access to WorkSpace

Achieve Team Availability 24/7

Designated Work Desks

Internet Connectivity

Armed with Security Forces and CCTV

Why Would You Need a
BCP Working Space?

Infrastructure Breakdown

Your premise is out of power, experiencing bad connectivity, just come over here!

Office Renovations/ Relocation

Get on a temporary lease for the period your team needs.

natural disaster

Natural Disasters

Flood, landslide, excessive haze, you name it.


Space to Conduct Specific Operations

A room for all. A room for any occasions.

IP ServerOne BCP Working Space

Stop Neglect. Ensure continuous operations

Operate as you are, the time and space is all yours to conquer.

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