IP ServerOne Obeject Storage: S3-compatible cloud storage solution
S3-Compatible Object Storage in One Platform

Drop in the Bucket and Store Limitlessly

Object Storage powered by NetApp’s StorageGRID provides you with the unlimited storage, infinite scalability, and security you need.

Object Storage - S3 Compatible Cloud Storage Solution

A software-defined, intuitive, and pay-per-use cloud storage solution supporting S3 API for key-value database delivering you a virtually limitless, flexible, secured storage.
IP ServerOne Obeject Storage: S3-compatible cloud storage solution

IPSERVERONE enterprise-grade object storage is widely compatible with cloud-native applications to store, secure, protect, and preserve the unstructured data for multi-purpose use while eliminating the scaling limitations compared to traditional storage bringing you reliability and cost-effectiveness.

Enterprise Grade – Object Storage

Security in Every Object, Scalability in Every Bucket

User-friendly Management Portal

Highly Available Infrastructure

Limitless Scalability

Complex Access Key

S3 API & Erasure Coding

IP ServerOne Object Storage: Scalable and Beyond
Scalable and Beyond

On-demand scalability, built with balance flash performance and is designed for massive scale and long-term archive to store limitlessly. Intuitive metadata-export, fully tested, open-source search and analytics.

IP ServerOne Object Storage: High Availability
High Availability

Built with erasure coding provide you with the utmost data protection, optimal efficiency, and data durability you need. Higher SLA uptime with our storage system runs across 2 different data centers. 

IP ServerOne Object Storage: Reduce TCO
Reduce TCO

No proprietary hardware lock-in. Diminished unnecessary investments in terms of large data migration from one storage to another storage or during storage technology refresh.

Types and Differences in Storage
Object Storage
File Storage
Block Storage
Eventual consistency
Strong consistency
Strong consistency
Hierarchically structured
Highly structured at block level
Access Level
Object level
File level
Block level
Unlimited scalability
Uses metadata
Advanced search capabilities

Empowering Your Data, One Object at a Time

Drop your object into the bucket and enjoy unlimited scalability.

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