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IP ServerOne: SSL certificate Malaysia
SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificate

Secure Your Website and Enhance Your Customer's Trust

Established trust by fortifying your site, protecting the privacy and credentials of visitors, and securing transactions.

SSL (HTTPS) Certificate Malaysia

SSL certificate is a security protocol that establishes encrypted links between a web browser and a server to protect data transfers between the two to remain private and secure. SSL is installed by millions of websites as a measure to protect customers’ data while making online transactions. 

Why SSL with Us?

A 24x7 Support

Our SSL-specialist stands ready to assist you rain or shine.

Purchase at Anytime

SSL is available to purchase 24x7 via our customer portal.

125/256 bit Encryption

A powerful and robust encryption technique to encrypt and decrypt data or files.

Securing www and non-www domains

Automatically covers both and

Secure Site Seal - Displays Certificate Authority (CA)

Aid to increase sales ratio as it assures customers that the website is legit and the transaction is secure.

Browser and Mobile Compatible

99.9% browser recognition. A padlock icon and HTTPS prefix will appear showing the website are safe to browse, shop, email and subscribe to.


IP ServerOne: SSL Certification

Why Do You Need SSL Certification?

Displays Website Reliability
site secure

An SSL certificate enables a foundation of trust between your website and your consumers.

Improve Website Ranking

A secure website with a SSL certificate will have a higher advantage over websites that are not encrypted.

Credit Card Compliance
credit card secure

Failure to comply with the standard of having at least 128-bit encryption installed leads to your website being deemed unsafe and unreliable.

Secures Data Between Servers

An SSL certificate encrypts browser-to-server and server-to-server communication, ensuring protected data exchanges.

Secure Your Website Now

Order your SSL Certificate today and install it yourself or let our SSL specialist do it for you.

Know more about ordering SSL online and installation here.

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