IP ServerOne Anti-DDoS Attack Protection
Comprehensive DDoS Protection for Enterprises

Multi-layer DDoS Protection against malicious traffic

Anti-DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) Attack Protection

DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack is a cybercriminal act by flooding the targeted network or server with malicious traffic to overwhelm its target, disrupt the services or network, and rendered it inoperable.

IP ServerOne’s multi-layer cloud-based DDoS mitigation solution is deployed to monitor all incoming traffic, instantly mitigate suspicious traffic, filter through our firewall, and lastly direct only the genuine traffic to your server. As the user, you will have transparent visibility of the Network traffic and Attack occurrence in the monitoring portal. We stand ready 24×7 to fight against these attacks with “ALWAYS ON” and automated protection.

Comprehensive DDoS Protection

"Always-On" protection and with the assurance of 24x7 monitoring

Up-to 1.2TB of attack mitigation capacity

Automated and
“Always ON”

In-house filtering for no added latency

Prevent service
disruption layer
during attacks

Transparent report
after any attack

First-grade Mitigation System
This is how we take on DDoS Attacks!
We use netflow to detect any kind of DDoS attack. The detector will look at the netflow packet and will count for the number of packet per seconds towards single destination IP address.

The first step to protecting your server is by minimizing the potential outbreak of volume and application-layer attacks.

  • Supports both local and international mitigations.
  • Up-to 500Gbps of attack mitigation capacity.

With our multi-level DDoS protection, avoid your services from being disrupted during attacks.

Reverse proxy service that provides DDoS protection for any application:

  • FTP, SSH, VoIP
  • Gaming or any applications running over a TCP/UDP protocol

Our advanced behavioral analytics technology is able to provide you with a detailed report after any kind of attack.

The numbers speak for themselves, spare less time identifying the root of the break-in on your own.

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