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Tier3 Data Center Malaysia
Tier3 Data Center Malaysia

GPU Server Plans & Pricing

GPUs act as a co-processor to accelerate CPUs performance for graphic consumption, high performance computing and boosting complex compute workloads such as VDI, ML & AI, as well as HPC. 

GPU Server Pricing


MYR 4,159+

USD 894.79+ 

per month

More details:


MYR 4,549+

USD 978.70+ 

per month

More details:

+: Subject to 6% SST

Prices are provided as a guide, may vary due to changes in foreign exchange rates.

Upgrade Option*
IP Address
Local Bandwidth
International Bandwidth
Power Port
WAN Port
Price (per month)
MYR 20/Mbps
MYR 150/Mbps
MYR 20/Port
MYR 20/Port

Backup Solution

Backup powered by Veeam:

1TB Storage and 1 Agent for MYR 225+ per month

2TB Storage and 1 Agent for MYR 375+ per month

3TB Storage and 1 Agent for MYR 525+ per month

Enterprise Backup Solution

Backup Powered by Veeam:
MYR 75+ per month per VM or Server

Storage Solution

Backup Space:
1TB for MYR 150+ per month

IP Address

1 x IP Address
MYR 35+ per month

DDoS Mitigation

Comprehensive Anti-DDoS Protection: 
10Gbps for MYR 699+ per month


FortiGate Firewall
MYR 350+ per month

Note: * Upgrade option: Subject to availability.

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