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Backup in one Platform

A Modern Data Protection
Solution for All Data

Safeguard your data and defend against IT crises ensuring business continuity with our backup and recovery solution. 

Cloud Backup

A cloud backup solution in Malaysia powered by Veeam

In a data-driven century, backing up your data off-site in a secure environment is essential for business continuity. Backup-as-a-service (BaaS) with IP ServerOne gives you the ability to backup applications, files, and virtual or physical servers, delivering an efficacious disaster recovery. The single open platform enabled integration between the solution into any environment to work like a wonder. To top it off, data are scanned to prove malware-free prior to restoration. We ensure your data is always available and protected, regardless of your data residency – keeping your businesses running. 

Prevention is better than cure

Why BaaS with IP ServerOne?


One platform provides data protection for applications, files, and virtual or physical servers. Backups are performed, stored, and maintained in our data center.


Easily deploy, manage backup and integrate the solution effortlessly into any environment. Lift up operational burden with automation everywhere for troubleshooting and remediation.

Beyond Compliance

A backup solution that conquers complex regulatory compliance requirements providing you the trust and reliability for your business needs.

A 24/7 Managed Team

Opt-in and IP ServerOne will be there for you supporting the infrastructure, and monitoring the service down to data recovery.


No complicated hardware is required, pay for only what you use. Data backup and restoration are cheaper and more efficient.

Key features

Secure your data, secure your future. A Modern Data Protection in a single platform delivers you a backup at any time anywhere.

A Managed

IP ServerOne’s Managed Services team manages the infrastructure used in delivering the Backup & Recovery Service. By opting for this service, you will receive a weekly report on the backup and recovery monitoring, as well as being entitled to open support requests for backup creation and alteration and changes to the data retention policy.

Data Recovery

Backup data restoration is performed upon request on a best-effort basis. Data is typically restored to the primary system; nevertheless, we also support restoration to different target systems in various environments. Depending on your business requirement, we offer a comprehensive Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) providing detailed automated recovery of applications, data, and virtual machines.


FASE stands for Veeam’s flexibility, affordability, scalability and easy-to-use console. Supporting various environments, you can manage your virtual, physical server Backups from a single interface. Experience the freedom to innovate with the easy-to-use console and smart scalability in deploying and managing your data backup requirements. With its pay-per-use feature, enjoy the affordability and by reducing costs to increase your business ROI.

Compression &
Swap Exclusion

The built-in deduplication system decreases backup storage requirements and network traffic. Additionally, multiple compression options balance the storage consumption and backup proxy load, while swap exclusion reduces backup footprint ultimately improving backup performance.


Create application-consistent, image-level VM backups with advanced, application-aware processing which includes transaction log truncation.

Data Encryption

Encryption of data by default, you will receive the generated encryption keys to have full access and control over your data. The encrypted data are stored in any backup files, and are safely stored in any IP ServerOne operated data center at all times.

Guest File System

By enabling the Guest File System Indexing feature, you can do a quick search to identify the files and to restore it without knowing the precise file location and its time of deletion.

Changed Block
Tracking for VMware

With Changed Block Tracking, backup time is minimized thus allowing more frequent backups.

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