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Anti-Spam Service & Email Protection Provider in Malaysia

Focus on blocking and mitigating the effects of unwanted emails or spam on users, our AntiSpam’s filtering capability to deliver 97% fortified spam protection. The anti-spam feature is essential for businesses like Logistics, Healthcare, and Government entities to prevent spam from coming into their emails.

Proxmox Mail Gateway (PMG)

Better processor, applies to Email Hosting and DNS hosting.

IP ServerOne: Spam Filtering Protection

Spam Filtering Protection

The built-in intrusion detection system monitors the mail server for malicious activity. SysAdmin can assign Greylist and block incoming and outgoing SMTP connections, and the system will automatically take action once a security threat is identified to ensure security.

IP ServerOne: Advanced Content Filtering

Advanced Content Filtering

Manage and set up content filtering rules at the domain level to better manage how certain types of keywords, messages, or attachments from specific domains are managed for users. Such emails can be Deleted, Rerouted, Flagged, Bounced, and many more.

Benefits of our Anti Spam Servvices

A little goes a long way, save your time and risk, set your trial in motion with us to protect your business now.

Protects Business
from Viruses

Terminates spam mails, AntiSpam software blocks a specific set of email addresses that are found suspicious. It also checks on the subject and body texts of the emails to confirm if it is genuine or spam.

Increases Productivity
and Time Efficiency

Monitors multiple accounts; it simultaneously filters off the spam emails from various accounts. The software works separately between the work and personal emails during the filtering process.

Keeping Hackers Away

Automatic updates on the spam filter anti-malware software automatically update the filter to assist with quick and instant identification of new and unknown threats.

Reports Spam

Automatic updates on the spam filter anti-malware to assist with quick and instant identification of new and unknown threats.

Anti Spam Service Pricing & Plans

Unlimited Incoming Mail Filter
Up to 1000 Email Accounts Protection

No. of Domains
Price / year
1 Domain
MYR 720+
2 Domains
MYR 1,296+
3 Domains
MYR 1,836+
4 Domains
MYR 2,304+

+: Subject to 8% SST

Prices are provided as a guide, may vary due to changes in foreign exchange rates.

All Plans Include


Spam and Virus
Scanning Detection


Quarantine and Block Incoming Spams


Block Phishing


DNS-based Blackhole List


Black- and Whitelists




ClamAV (Open-Source
Anti Virus Engine)


Receiver Verification
(The Proxmox Solution)


Sender Policy
Framework (SPF)


Bayesian Filter
(Automatically Trained Statistical Filters)


Spam Uri Realtime
Blocklist (SURBL)

Stop Neglect. Protect before you connect.

Need more advice on anti-spam and protection on security? Want to start your trial with us? 

Want to start your trial with us? 

Frequently Asked Questions

Anti-spam service refers to any tool or software used to prevent spam emails from reaching your inbox. These services use various methods such as filters and algorithms to detect and block unwanted or unsolicited emails, helping to keep your inbox organized and free of spam. Some common examples of anti-spam services include filters provided by email providers, third-party spam-blocking software, and email management tools.

– Use an anti-spam service or software
– Be cautious about giving out your email address
– Avoid clicking on suspicious links or attachments in emails
– Regularly update your spam filters
– Report any spam emails to your email provider.
– Clicking on suspicious links
– Opening attachments from unknown senders
– Providing your email address to unreliable sources
– Spammers using automated software to send mass emails
– Having a weak password for your email account
– Using your email address for online purchases
– Being on a mailing list that was sold to spammers.

There are several advantages to using anti-spam services. These services can help reduce the amount of unwanted emails in your inbox, saving you time and effort. They can also protect you from potential phishing scams and malicious emails. Additionally, anti-spam services can improve the overall security and organization of your email account.

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