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Simplify Your Cloud Journey, Amplify Your Cloud Experience!

In 2003, an IT Passionist with an innovative mind – Mr. Lee Cheung Loong, set foot on his journey to create a simpler IT world for EVERYONE.

Today, IP ServerOne as the leader in providing Managed-Cloud Hosting, has more than seventy peers who share the same vision and direction! Dedicating our service beyond just quality to simplify your cloud journey in a highly humane space and amplifying your cloud experience.

Protecting our customer data is the No.1 priority for IP ServerOne. We get ourselves checked and comply with ISO certifications ensuring the delivery of world-class standards for your security and support needs – consistently.

More than just your solutions provider –we aim to foster a high-trust culture that drives innovation in technology, backed by our thirst and hunger for being the experts in the world of data infrastructure and cloud solutions.

It is fitting to say that ‘Moving to Cloud is Easy’ with IP ServerOne!

Moving to Cloud is Easy

We are on an expedition to simplify your cloud journey and amplify your cloud experience!

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