About Us

IP ServerOne, A Malaysian Cloud Service Provider

IP ServerOne is a Malaysian cloud service provider. Established in 2003, we aim to create a seamless cloud experience for every business by lifting IT limitations and equipping you with round-the-clock expertise, security, and custom-made solutions, freeing you to seize business opportunities every day! Our data centers in Malaysia, Singapore, and Hong Kong are home to over 7,000 servers and over 10,000 customers. Our cloud partners include manufacturing, logistics, finance, healthcare, developers, e-commerce, government, and so on.

Why Choose IP ServerOne?

  •       ISO-Certified Technology & Practices
  •       Multi-layer & Multi-Site Data Backup for Continuity
  •       Flexibility to Customize Public, Private, and Hybrid Cloud Solutions
  •       Expertise to Design, Deploy, and Maintain Your Service

So, come experience Cloud the IP ServerOne way, and let us take care of your Cloud needs.

Your Trusted Cloud Partner

Creating a seamless cloud experience for you.

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