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IP ServerOne Cloud for Students

Empowering institutions across Malaysia with free cloud tools for both educators and students.

*See FAQ for eligibility and offer details.

IP ServerOne Cloud for Students in Malaysia

Your Tech Playground Awaits: IP ServerOne Cloud—Explore, Learn, and Create!

Welcome to our latest program yet! IP ServerOne Cloud for Students is crafted exclusively for students and educators of Malaysia alike. This is our way of giving back to the community and society, encouraging us to do our best day by day. Our mission is to empower you to unleash your imagination and creativity through our cloud platform. With accessible resources at your fingertips, you can facilitate connectivity anytime and anywhere. Get ready for a tech-savvy journey that starts right here with you!

Benefits of IP ServerOne Cloud for Students

MYR600 Cloud Credit

6 months validity

Enjoy Cloud Services

Cloud computing to load distribution

No Credit Card Required

Easy to sign up

How IP ServerOne Cloud for Students Works

Start by signing up through our portal and enjoying MYR600 in cloud credit, valid for 6 months.

When your credit runs out or expires after six months, you can continue to utilize our cloud services with the pay-as-you-go model. You can still enjoy uninterrupted access to the same services, beginning at rates as low as MYR0.06 per hour for the NovaCloud service.

IP ServerOne - cloud for students - team work

Steps to Enroll

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I am a students or educators of Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR)

Step 1
Create an Account using u**r.edu.my or 1u**r.my email
Create Cloud for Students account using u**r.edu.my or 1u**r.my email
Sign up with IP ServerOne for free
Step 2
Account Verification
Cloud Services Account Verification
Complete the verification process (see guide)
Step 3
Enjoy the Benefits
Enjoy the Benefits of IPServerOne Cloud Services for Students
MYR600 worth of cloud credit
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I am a students or educators from other Institutions

Enroll today and enjoy the benefits of IP ServerOne Cloud for Students!

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Turn Your Knowledge into Experience

Put your cloud knowledge to the test using the IP ServerOne platform. 

Featured Services at Zero-Cost


Secure and scalable virtual machines

Object Storage

Cost-effective, highly scalable storage for your data

Load Balancer as a Service

Distribute traffic across resources

DNS Hosting

A pay-per-use, cloud-based DNS hosting

Calculate your cloud expenses with our Cloud Calculator. Obtain your cloud estimation today.

Learning Outcomes: Unlock Skills with IP ServerOne

Turning Learning into Action: Developing Cloud Expertise

Embark on a transformative learning journey with IP ServerOne Cloud for Students, acquiring practical skills to advance businesses in the digital era through a variety of cloud services.

Dive into NovaCloud computing, the backbone of modern businesses. Optimize resources, enhance scalability, and streamline operations for SMEs and Enterprises.

  • Effortless Infrastructure Management: Master NovaCloud for seamless setup and management of virtual machines, essential for your tech projects.
  • Adaptable Scalability: Learn how to optimize applications for varying workloads, ensuring they perform efficiently during peak and off-peak times.
  • Robust Security Practices: Implement industry-standard security measures, including identity and access management, encryption, and network security, to safeguard your digital assets.
  • Integrated Service Solutions: Explore the integration of diverse cloud services, such as databases and storage, to craft comprehensive and cohesive tech solutions.

Learn the art of efficient data storage and retrieval, a critical skill for managing crucial business information.

  • Efficient Data Handling: Delve into the efficient storage and retrieval of large volumes of unstructured data using Object Storage.
  • Streamlined Backup Processes: Master automated backup and archival processes to ensure data durability and availability, even in the face of unforeseen challenges.
  • Scalable Storage Strategies: Design and implement scalable storage solutions with Object Storage, accommodating the growing demands of your projects.

Delve into load balancing intricacies, ensuring optimal performance and reliability in digital services. Equip yourself with skills that directly impact business efficiency.

  • Optimized Traffic Distribution: Configure load balancers for efficient traffic distribution across multiple servers, ensuring optimal resource utilization.
  • Fine-tuned Performance: Refine load balancer configurations based on traffic patterns and application needs to optimize overall performance.
  • High Availability Setup: Establish load balancing for high availability, redirecting traffic from unhealthy servers to minimize downtime.
  • Dynamic Scaling Approaches: Integrate load balancing with auto-scaling solutions to dynamically adjust resources based on fluctuating workloads.

Why Choose IP ServerOne

IP ServerOne - Your Trusted Managed Cloud Provider

Established in 2003 (incorporated in 2007), IP ServerOne offers comprehensive and holistic cloud solutions empowering your business to reach its full potential. Experience the warmth and personal touch of our managed cloud services, because at IP ServerOne, "We Host Better".

Years of Proven Excellence
of Managed Cloud Service Provider in Malaysia

Industry-Recognized Accreditation and Compliance


Data Centers Across Southeast Asia


Managed Physical Servers


Trusted Customers

Frequently Asked Questions

The IP ServerOne Cloud for Students is an initiative designed by IP ServerOne to contribute to the community and society by providing free cloud services and resources for students and educators in Malaysia.

If you are a student or educator from UTAR, simply sign up via our customer portal using the email suffix ut*r.edu.my or 1ut*r.my. For non-UTAR participants, please contact us at marketing@ipserverone.com to enroll.

No, there is no requirement to link your credit card to the account to enjoy the benefits of IP ServerOne Cloud for Students.

Enrolling in this program provides you with MYR600 in cloud credit for a validity period of 6 months. You will get access to cloud services with zero fees and our knowledge base.

Yes, IP ServerOne offers general assistance to students and lecturers enrolled in the program. However, our support is designed to empower users to put their knowledge to the test effectively. While we provide guidance and help troubleshoot issues, our aim is to foster independent learning and problem-solving skills. If you encounter any challenges or have questions, our team is here to assist you within the scope of the program’s objectives.

Unfortunately, the cloud credit can only be used to subscribe services under the NovaCloud section in our portal.

The MYR600 credit is available for 6 months as a one-time offer. If exhausted, or after the 6 months, consider upgrading to the pay-as-you-go model to continue usage by simply topping up the cloud credit.

Only one account is allowed per email sign up.

Once the MYR600 cloud credit is depleted, your services will be suspended. To continue using our cloud services, upgrade to the pay-as-you-go model by topping up your cloud credit.

View your balance on the portal under NovaCloud > Instances > Available Balance.

No, services cannot be canceled for a refund.

  • Participation for IP ServerOne Cloud for Students program is subject to approval by IP ServerOne upon internal review and verification process.
  • IP ServerOne may at its own discretion, terminate, modify or make changes including additions or removals of the service and offerings to this program at any time.
  • Credits or benefits accrued through the program are non-transferable to cash or cloud credit.
  • Upon exhaustion or expiry of the awarded cloud credit, Participants may top up their cloud credit as general user to continue using our cloud service, any remaining balance will be void upon expiry.
  • Participants is responsible to regularly check for updates, changes, and any new terms associated with the program.
    IP ServerOne will not be responsible or liable for any loss and inconvenience resulting from changes to the program or its offerings.
  • For inquiries or concerns, please reach out to IP ServerOne at marketing@ipserverone.com.

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