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For over two decades, IP ServerOne, a home-grown managed cloud service provider, has strived to deliver exceptional services to the world. We take great pride in our craft and will continue to deliver a seamless cloud experience for everyone.

Learn. Innovate. Develop.

We believe in continuous learning and growth. We push the boundaries of what’s possible, exploring new technologies and finding innovative solutions to complex problems. So come learn, innovate, develop, and repeat with us!

We Host Better.

At IP ServerOne, we’re your career hosts. We prioritize our team, offering support, growth, and competitive compensation. Investing in our team means better serving clients and pushing the boundaries of the managed cloud industry.

Project Engineer - Service Management

Design and implement solutions using VMware, Veeam, Hyper-V, Kubernetes, and so on.

Location: (HQ)Petaling Jaya

Data Center Engineer

Install and maintain server hardware and Cisco routers/switches, configure networks, and monitor activities.

Location: (DC)Cyberjaya

System Engineer (Junior Level)

Deploy cloud technologies, implement the latest security measures, and administer Linux and Windows servers.

Location: (HQ)Petaling Jaya​

Client Account Manager

To build and maintain strong relationships with clients, identify opportunities for growth, and drive business success.

Location: (HQ)Petaling Jaya​

Finance Executive

Manage financial operations by processing payments, reconciling accounts, generating reports, and so on.

Location: (HQ)Petaling Jaya​

Finance Executive (AR & Collection)

Managing customer relationships and streamlining collection processes, dedicated to maximizing revenue.

Location: (HQ)Petaling Jaya​

Customer Support Executive

Managing and handling customers involves offering solutions and providing excellent customer service to ensure a positive experience and build customer loyalty.

Location: (HQ)Petaling Jaya​

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