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Tier3 Data Center Malaysia
Tier3 Data Center Malaysia

Bare Metal Server Hosting

Bare metal is a physical computer server without a base operating system (OS) or installed applications, and the infrastructure and resources are utilized by one tenant only.

Therefore, it is ideal for enterprises such as finance, healthcare, retail, and e-commerce that are required to comply with certain compliance and security standards and are designed to deliver a highly secure environment, greater speed, and performance to the user.

Our bare metal solution offers a better speed and performance running heavy workloads that need direct access to hardware or require high-performing computing, thus enabling users to customize and control their infrastructure as required. While our GPU solution offers users the scalability on-demand to run inference workloads. GPU server accelerates diverse cloud workloads, including high-performance computing, deep learning training and inference, machine learning, data analytics, and graphics.

Knowing your server are hosted in our Tier III certified data center, network security and disaster recovery become the least of your concern. To further ease your mind, our 24/7 NOC team stands ready to assist you whenever required. You can wave goodbye to the regular maintenance or system upgrade because we will do it for you. 

Why Bare Metal with us?
What comes after B, it's C. Explore our 3C experience where we Consult your business needs and growth, Customize an ideal solution for you, and Cater the unique system specifically for you.
Why Bare Metal

A Transcend 24/7/365 Support

We monitor and perform the system health check, stand ready around the clock to anticipate and rectify any unexpected issues.

Bandwidth Capacity Program

We analyze, customize, and allocate internet bandwidth to the existing network traffic to ensure the server runs at optimized capacity with greater performance.

Expeditious Network

Our BGP Smart Routing stands ready to deliver a speedy network globally, peering with six upstream providers with an on-demand capacity of around 60GBits to reduce latency or downtime.

Data Always-On

Data protection and restoration are maximized with the storage failover in place which allows the system to automatically access data from the remaining disks once failed disk is detected.

Great Savings

Service includes monitoring, planning, and rectifying the mundane but essential tasks to ensure the server and system run optimized. Save costs of operation by forgoing hardware and labor.

What comes after B, it’s C. Explore our 3C experience where we Consult your business needs and growth, Customize an ideal solution for you, and Cater the unique system specifically for you.

DDoS Protection Technology

IP ServerOne’s newest technology helps to mitigate any kind of DDOS Attack without causing any trouble to your server performance by automatically blocking the attack with the “ALWAYS ON feature. 

Multiple Network

Our bare metal server comes with 100Mbps bandwidth and it has redundant multiple uplink & optimum routing to ensure that you have the flexibility to upgrade in accordance with your workload requirements

Hardware Raid

The latest hardware RAID technology which is ideal for file, web, database, email servers entrust with reliable performance. Intelligent Raid Controller with 1GB caching will accelerate majority of the hot data when performing the similar function to read directly from Cache.


The IPMI (Intelligent Platform Management Interface) interface offers various controls to make remote operation easier. It allows you to power reset and view the console remotely from your system. Convenience made easy for you as you manage your servers with just a click of the mouse.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bare metal server is a type of physical server that is used exclusively by a single user or organization, making it ideal for high-performance computing and resource-intensive applications. It is different from virtual servers, which share hardware resources with other users.

Bare metal servers work by providing direct access to hardware resources such as CPU, RAM, and storage to a single user or organization. This allows for high performance and reliability, as there are no layers or abstractions between the user and the hardware. Users can install their own operating system and software on the server, making it customizable for their specific needs.

Bare metal servers include high performance and reliability, exclusive use of hardware resources, customizability, and security. They are also ideal for resource-intensive applications and workloads, making them a popular choice for businesses and organizations.

Bare metal servers offer exclusive use of all hardware resources, while virtual servers share resources with other users. This makes bare metal servers more suitable for high-performance and resource-intensive applications, while virtual servers are more cost-effective and flexible. Additionally, bare metal servers have better security and customization options, while virtual servers are easier to manage and scale.

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