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Notable Certifications:
*Applicable to specific services only.
Tier 3 Facility
Tier3 Data Center Malaysia
Tier 3 Design
Tier3 Data Center Malaysia
ISO certificate No: IS 651738
ISO27001 Malaysia

*Applicable to Malaysia Data Center only

ISO certificate No: CLOUD 738570
ISO27017 Malaysia

*Applicable to Malaysia Data Center only

SOC 2 Type II
SOC 2 Type 2 Certification IPSERVERONE

**Applicable to Cloud services and Data Center infra in Malaysia.

CJ1 Data Center in Cyberjaya, Malaysia

IP ServerOne is one of Malaysia’s leading data center solutions and colocation service providers in Malaysia. Our team provides you with a wide range of data center solutions and services to ensure your business receives the best digital experience at all times.

Point of Presence for Malaysia Data Center - CJ1

IP Server One Data Center is free of  : 

Malaysia data center

Nature Landscape such as : Hill, River, Lake

Malaysia data center


Malaysia data center

High Voltage Line

Malaysia data center

Gas Pipeline

Recognized nationally as a ground for advanced technology, CJ1 data center is located in Cyberjaya, Malaysia. 

Standing tall 24m above sea level, any impact of natural disasters can be avoided or reduced significantly.

Why Choose IP ServerOne Data Center?

IP ServerOne offers all kind of Managed Services such as Cloud Hosting, Backup as a Service (BaaS) and Disaster Recovery as a Server(DRaaS) and Data Center.

Our CJ1 Data Center has grown from just a “space” to a safe home for IT infrastructure by providing security, connectivity, and redundant power supply to meet your requirements. Our optimum standards are made for financial institutions as well as other local and global enterprises. 

When it comes to our data center, we offer you;

Accessible Location

Our Tier 3 data center in Cyberjaya is not only easily accessible but the location itself is geographically strategic.

Secured Facilities

We are trusted by over 150 companies in the world including the leading insurance company. Our data center is equipped with CCTV, 24-7 surveillance, and a secure locking mechanism on all our offerings.

High Connectivity

We are offering a wide range of service including cross connects, virtual cross connects, metro waves, peering as well as cloud on ramps. We are capable of connecting with multiple telco providers internationally.

24-7 Support

Our NOC team is available for you 24-7 all year long to ensure that your business can run smoothly all the time.

Organized and Secured​

Our data center is carefully organized with options for extra privacy to ensure data is easily traced and managed.

Reliable and Trustworthy

We are a Tier 3 Data Center that is ISO27001, ISO27017, and PCI-DSS certified and comes with automated Anti-DDoS protection for your ease of mind.

An ISO-certified Tier III managed data center, providing more than just colocation service but customized data center solutions. Connect with us today!

Notable Certifications

Specifications of CJ1

What to Expect at Our CJ1 Data Center in Cyberjaya

Our CJ1 Data Center is fully equipped to give you all the support you need.

View Our Data Center Full Specifications

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Colocation Space12,610sqft each floor
Office Space7,000 sq ft each floor
Building Type

• Double-layer brick with cavity insulation wall construction

• Double-layer concrete roof slab to prevent water leakage

Type4-story, purposed built Data Centre Building and office block with an interconnecting link bridge
Passenger Lift1,020kg lift – 900mm(W) x 1550mm(D) x 2100mm(H)
Goods Lift1,905kg lift – 1550mm(W) x 2600mm(D) x 2600mm(H)
ParkingAdjacent to the building (free)
Meters above sea levelStanding tall 24m above sea level
Floor TypeRaised at 800mm, Slab height at 4,500mm
Floor Load CapacityData Center for 10kN/M2, Facility area for 15kN/M2
Fire Detection

• Highly sensitive smoke detector (HSSD)

• Available above and below the raised floor

• Addressable heat and smoke detectors

Fire Suppression

• Pre-action water mist within the data center and common area

• (Optional) FM-200 Gas Suppression System

• hand-held CO2 fire extinguisher

Green By Design
LEED Rating SystemGold (Phase IX)
Green Building Rating SystemBCA-IMDA Green Mark Award (Certified)
TemperatureGranular temperature monitoring and cold aisle containment
Temperature Control24 Degree Celsius (°C), +/-2(°C)
Humidity Control50% RH +/- 10%
LightingOptimized lighting controls
Renewable Energy100% biomass International Renewable Energy Certificates (IRECs) in 2016
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Power and cooling
Power and Cooling Density2.0 – 4.0 kVA per cabinet
Utility Feeders2
UPS Configuration2N
UPS Redundancy2N
Standby Power Configuration8 x 1,375 kVA and 3 x 2,000 kVA diesel generators
Standby Power RedundancyN+1
Cooling ConfigurationCRAC units and water-cooled centrifugal chillers
Cooling RedundancyN+1 (on chillers) and N+25% (on CRAC units)
Cooling Density

• 90 watts per sq ft

• Upgradable cooling density

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PhysicalMan trap entry
Human24/7 on-site security officers
ElectronicBiometric readers (in common areas), additional biometric readers (optional), PIN & card readers, CCTV and recorders, motion detection
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Break Room
Work Kiosks
Loaner Tools
Conference Room
Crash Carts
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Rack Type42U Smart rack
Size600mm x 1200mm / 600mm x 1100mm
Lock3-digits combination lock (front and rear door for Colocatopn Rack)
Power PlugC13-C14 & C19-C20 Power outlet combination
Intelligent Power Distribution Unit (IPDU)2 x 32A Commando plug IPDU with 2 breakers

• 2N PDU

• 2 x Primary circuit

• Three-phase circuit breaker with hot-swappable breaker module

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Carrier-neutral with Dual incoming
Peered with multiple Tier I Network providers
Dual riser power or data routing
Border Gateway Protocol (BGP)
FREE Anti-DDoS Protection up to 5Gbps
Over 20 Internet Service Providers

Exclusivity for Your Servers

Give your IT infrastructure a safe home that is secure with
first-grade DDoS Protection Technology and multi-layered mitigation capacity.

Talk to our DC specialist and learn more about our Co-location services

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Products and Services

Data Center Solutions


Colocation Service Malaysia

For a more comprehensive solution, our team also provides you with the best server colocation services in Malaysia. Our Tier 3 Data Center in Cyberjaya, Malaysia has the capacity to house and manage over 5,000 physical servers across the nation. We offer high-quality physical servers with customizable options to suit your business needs.

Our Server Colocation Solutions

To compliment your CJ1 data center solutions, we provide;

IP ServerOne Data Center Space in Cyberjaya

Flexible Storage Space

Our team offers you different types of racks with different storage capabilities to suit your business needs.

IP ServerOne Data Center: Malaysia-Cyberjaya-CJ1

Server Consultation

Our expert team will provide you with all the information you need on which server to use so you always get the best value.

1st Level Support Service for Our Colocation Service

1st Level Support Services

Our experienced first level support team is ready to ensure you stay connected and troubleshoot any connectivity issues 24/7.

Why Colocate With Us?

For optimum server colocation performance, our services offers you;

Physical Security

In addition to server security, our team diligently monitors who have access to your physical servers at all times.

Redundant Cooling

To prevent your physical servers from overheating and interfering with your connection, our server racks provide continuous thorough cooling.

Personalized Rack Placement

When you opt for a private cage, you have the freedom to personalize your hardware setups from cable lines to servers and even your firewalls.

Privately Owned Data Center

Our comprehensive solutions ensures you that you get your own fully utilized data center, managed wholly by us so you can focus on what matters.

Data Center Cyberjaya Malaysia

Our team of experts is ready to bridge the gap between your business and technology and provide you with outstanding and constructive experiences. Take a virtual tour of our CJ1 Data Center. Browse Data Center Gallery.

Colocation Plans

Co-locate your servers, switches, load balancers and any other hardware within IPServerOne state-of-the-art Tier 3 hosting suite located in CJ1 Cyberjaya where you'll also benefit from our PCI DSS Compliance.

10A C13 Power Socket
RJ45 Port
Power Allocation
100 watts/hr
100 watts/hr
500 watts/hr
1000 watts/hr
2000 watts/hr

All Plans Included:

Get Started Today

We’ll support your digitization needs every step of the way.

The Connectivity at Our CJ1 Data Center

Discover the CJ1 data center by IP ServerOne, where reliability meets connectivity. Our carrier-neutral data center in Malaysia has an extensive network of over 20 internet service providers (ISPs) fortified by 7 backbone providers to ensure redundancy and eliminate network disruptions, guaranteeing an impressive 99.9% network uptime. Wherever your digital journey takes you, trust IP ServerOne to provide reliable, high-speed connectivity without compromise.

Diverse ISPs at Your Service. Your Gateway to Global Experiences.

Internet Service Providers


PCCW Global

NTT Corporation

Voxility LLP


TIME dotCOM Berhad

Internet Service Providers


StarHub Ltd

Telia Company

Cogent Communications


DE-CIX Frankfurt



Hurricane Electric LLC

Equinix Singapore

Internet Service Providers

Hong Kong

NTT Corporation

HiMore Digital

PCCW Global


Related Services

Experience a seamless cloud journey within our secure infrastructure, accessible from anywhere around the globe.


Cloud Computing for Everyone. 

Private Cloud

Dedicated and Customized Cloud Environment.

Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery

A Simple, Fast, and Secure Data Protection.

Bare Metal Server

Physical Server Dedicated to a Single Tenant.

Frequently Asked Questions

A data center is a centralized hub for servers, networking equipment, and storage systems. Data centers provide a secure environment with advanced cooling, power backup, and security measures. They offer services like server hosting, colocation, and cloud computing to support organizations’ IT operations. Data centers play a vital role in ensuring data availability, reliability, and connectivity for businesses of all sizes.

The IP ServerOne data centers are located in Malaysia (CJ1), Singapore (SG1), and Hong Kong (HK1). While the Malaysia data center is specifically available for colocation and other cloud services, our Singapore and Hong Kong locations are dedicated to providing only cloud computing services.

At IP ServerOne’s CJ1 data center, we offer a range of services to meet your needs. Our offerings include colocation services, providing you with shared or private rack space to house your IT equipment. For those requiring enhanced security, we also provide private cages and suites. Additionally, we offer bare metal servers for dedicated use, as well as hypervisor servers and managed services for monitoring and handling hardware. Alternatively, businesses can opt for unmanaged services to manage their own equipment.

As we prioritize security measures at our data center, public tours are currently not available. Nonetheless, as our valued colocation customers, you can easily submit a visitation request through our customer portal whenever you need to install or remove equipment.

At IP ServerOne’s CJ1 data center, our Network Operations Center (NOC) team oversees network infrastructure and operations, ensuring smooth functionality. They monitor, diagnose, and resolve network issues, maintain performance and security, respond to alerts, and collaborate with other teams. The NOC is vital for maintaining reliable and efficient network operations.

At IP ServerOne, we understand your curiosity. That’s why we have already captured an exclusive glimpse inside our data center. Explore cutting-edge technology, meet dedicated individuals, and discover the remarkable spaces that ensure the seamless operation of our services.

We provide 1u, 2u, 10u, 21u and 42u racks. We also offer a private cage/suite tailor to your needs. Refer here for the full specifications. 

Our data center is using C13-C14 power cables that were plugged into the Power Distribution Unit (PDU).

Our CJ1 data center is compliant with ISO 27001, ISO 27017, PCI-DSS, SOC 2 Type II, and many more. See here for all our certifications.

With over 20 upstream providers and over 7 backbone providers, we ensure network redundancy and guarantee a 99.99% Network Uptime (based on annual).

We are a strong supporter of ESG and green initiatives. Operating our CJ1 data center in a green building and have implemented several measures to reduce energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. These measures include separating the hot and cold air streams, operating the reserve capacity on hot standby, and using energy-efficient hardware. We are also actively working towards obtaining ESG certification, which will further validate our commitment to sustainable practices.

Our Trusted Clienteles

The Safe Home for Your Data

Give your IT infrastructure a safe home that is secure with first-grade DDoS Protection Technology and up to 7 layers of mitigation capacity.

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