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Our Certifications:
*Applicable to specific services only.
ISO certificate No: IS 651738

*Applicable to Malaysia Data Center only

ISO27001 Malaysia
ISO certificate No: CLOUD 738570

*Applicable to Malaysia Data Center only

ISO27017 Malaysia
SOC 2 Type II

**Applicable to Cloud services and Data Center infra in Malaysia.

SOC 2 Type 2 Certification IPSERVERONE

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Physical Event: Can Your IT Infra Restore Within Minutes After Disasters?
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Brand-New: Acorn Recovery as a Service

A Simple, Fast, Secure DRaaS solution. Ensuring Uninterrupted Business.

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We offer a multi-region Cloud to minimize user-perceived latencies by connecting users through servers that are closest to their customer base.

Experience the power of dedicated cloud resources tailored to your needs. Enjoy enhanced security, reliability, and scalability with personalized support, ensuring optimal performance for your business.

We offer co-location services in Malaysia, Singapore, and Hong Kong. Enjoy the ease of mind when co-locating your equipment in our Tier III Data Center in Malaysia that is ISO27001, ISO27017, and PCI-DSS compliant. 

Enhance your cloud connectivity and reduce fees with our Cloud Connect solution. Directly link to major CSPs like AWS, Azure, and GCP, cutting costs, enhancing latency, and simplifying operations while bolstering security.

Experience the liberty to customize your server in compliance with the corporate governance or take it to another level and create limitlessly.

Stray away from any noisy neighbor or landlord and enjoy the infrastructure all to yourself with Dedicated Email Hosting.

With Veeam, you can easily deploy data backup and replication, and restore data efficiently; in a malware-safe environment. 

Experience peace of mind with our simple, fast, and secure DRaaS solution. Ensure your IT setup recovers effortlessly, even in the face of disaster.

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Published on January 12, 2023

IP ServerOne is proud to be one of the sponsors for this year’s business summit organized by the non-profit Internet Alliance (IA), targeting the IT industry’s hot topic, “Cybersecurity.”

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