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Connecting you directly to top AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud for unparalleled speed and security.

Cloud Connect Service Malaysia

IP ServerOne Cloud Connect offers you a seamless and economical means to directly connect with the top Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) worldwide.

Efficient data transfer is crucial for workloads ranging from big data to data mining. However, relying on excessive ingress and egress through the public internet leads to increased network costs, higher latency, and compromised your data security. Moreover, simultaneous management of multiple cloud services introduces complexities related to billing, security, and overall headaches.

Introducing IP ServerOne Cloud Connect, your ultimate solution for effortlessly connecting and expanding networks to major cloud service providers (CSPs) such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and more. Experience significant reductions in network costs, minimized latency, enhanced security, and simplified operations through a single provider, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience. With Cloud Connect, your data remains private by avoiding the public internet while maintaining consistent throughput for large data transfers. Embrace the efficiency and simplicity of IP ServerOne Cloud Connect to revolutionize your network connectivity.

Boost Your Cloud Hosting with the Cloud Connect service!

Elevate your cloud hosting experience with IP ServerOne Cloud Connect. Customize your private cloud with a selection of hypervisors (Hyper-V, Proxmox, VMware) and enjoy enterprise-grade hardware in our Tier III CJ1 data center. Our 24x7x365 team is ready to assist. Experience enhanced performance, reduced latency, and optimized functionality as your traffic flows directly to the CSP network, bypassing the public internet. Maximize the potential of your cloud hosting with IP ServerOne.

Save money, secure your data, and swift connectivity with IP ServerOne Cloud Connect.

IP ServerOne: Cloud Service

Benefits of Cloud Connect

Save Over 35% Egress Cost

Cloud Connect enables significant savings on network costs. Suitable for users with large workload transfers and data processing.

Enhanced Application Performance

Cloud Connect effectively reduces latency by eliminating the necessity to transfer data through the public internet. This improvement positively impacts the performance of cloud-hosted applications.

Integrated Solution

Utilize Cloud Connect according to your preferences. With the ability to activate Cloud Connect through our private cloud or vCloud services, or even through our colocation service, we ensure that Cloud Connect is tailored to meet your specific needs.

Heightened Security

Cloud Connect ensures increased data security through a dedicated network, which securely transfers data between your on-premises network and the CSP's network. This dedicated network remains inaccessible to the public internet, safeguarding your data from potential threats.

Reduce Management Overhead

Easily connecting to multiple CSPs through IP ServerOne to reduce management complexities and enjoy enhanced cloud connectivity.

Extensive Global Connectivity

Private direct connections to major Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) like AWS, Azure, and GCP.

Scalable On-Demand

Cloud Connect enables scalable infrastructure expansion and supports business growth with on-demand connectivity.

Reliable Connection

Efficiently transfer large data with reliable flow, low latency, and consistent throughput for optimal performance.

Elevate Your Cloud Experience

Harness the power of the cloud. Bridging you directly to your CSPs.

How does Cloud Connect work?

IP ServerOne Cloud Connect is activated through our Private Cloud or vCloud hosting as well as colocation.

Understand the Architecture

Connect with private cloud

A private cloud refers to a virtualized computing environment that is dedicated exclusively to a single organization, providing the organization with control, privacy, and customization over its infrastructure and resources. 

Each Cloud Connect virtual circuit is provisioned as an individual VLAN in the Private Cloud network domain.

Connect with vCloud

vCloud, powered by VMware, transforms cloud computing by offering businesses a streamlined solution to effortlessly access, manage, and deploy virtualized applications in the cloud.

Each Cloud Connect virtual circuit is provisioned as individual ‘Network’ resource in the vCloud.

Connect with colocation

Connect your business to the cloud effortlessly through IP ServerOne’s Cloud Connect service, utilizing colocation at our CJ1 data center. Experience the convenience of direct and secure connectivity to top cloud service providers, empowering your organization with scalability, agility, and optimized performance. 

Highlights of Our Cloud Connect Service

Guaranteed Bandwidth. Optimized Low-Latency.

Instantly connect to AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and other leading cloud providers with IP ServerOne Cloud Connect.

End-to-end Layer-2 Connection

We establish a seamless and secure connection between your network and your desired cloud service provider’s network, allowing smooth communication from end to end.

Managed Configuration

Using the provided Service Key or Pairing Key, we will establish a direct VLAN tunnel seamlessly into your cloud infrastructure network.

99.5% SLA Uptime

Guarantee the reliability and performance of the dedicated connection between your cloud platform and the cloud service provider’s network, ensuring a high uptime of 99.5% as specified in the service level agreement (SLA).

Key Features

Guaranteed Performance

Extensive Global Reach

Managed End-to-End Connectivity

24/7 Dedicated Support

A Secure Private Network

Enhanced Performance & User Experiences

A Single Port for Many Services

Scalable On-Demand

Securely Connect to Desired CSPs in Just 15 Seconds!

Enjoy secure, enhanced cloud hosting connectivity without compromising your data's security.

Cloud Service Provider (CSPs)
Singapore Region
Amazon Web Services
Microsoft Azure
Google Cloud

On-demand Connectivity to These CSPs

Connecting You Directly to AWS

Maximize your AWS cloud experience with IP ServerOne Cloud Connect. Enjoy private and secure connectivity for seamless access to your cloud services. Optimize performance, enhance data security, and ensure uninterrupted connectivity. Unleash the power of a dedicated network for the ultimate efficiency and reliability in your AWS cloud journey.

Connecting You Directly to Microsoft Azure

Supercharge your Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Edge experience with IP ServerOne Cloud Connect. Seamlessly connect to our private network for secure and high-performance access to Azure and Edge services. Unlock the full potential and enable your organization to scale, innovate, and achieve digital success.

Connecting You Directly to Google Cloud

Elevate your cloud experience with IP ServerOne Cloud Connect, providing seamless connectivity to Google Cloud. Experience the power of secure and high-performance access to your Google Cloud services, enabling your organization to thrive in the digital era.

Add-On Service

Managed Router for Cloud Connect

A BGP protocol is needed to connect to your chosen CSPs. IP ServerOne offers a Managed Router service as an add-on for businesses without dedicated routers. By using Managed Router for Cloud Connect, you can easily establish BGP peering with your desired CSP, making cloud connectivity efficient and worry-free.

IP ServerOne: Managed Router for Cloud Connect
Service Includes:

Managed Configuration

Leave IP Address, BGP, and routing configurations to us for a seamless and efficient setup.

Device Maintenance

Enjoy worry-free router performance with regular software patching and part replacement.

Device Health Monitoring

We provide SNMP-based device health monitoring while requiring customer-provided internet access.

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Effortlessly integrate Cloud Connect into IP ServerOne's offerings, enhancing your cloud journey within our secure infrastructure, accessible from anywhere in the world.

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Dedicated and Customized Cloud Environment.


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Frequently Asked Questions

IP ServerOne Cloud Connect is a network service that allows you to privately connect and extend your Private Cloud Hosting or vCloud Hosting to major Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

IP ServerOne Cloud Connect offers a cost-effective solution to connect to utilizing AWS, Azure, or GCP cloud services through private connectivity. With IP ServerOne Cloud Connect, you can enjoy low-latency, secure, and private connections to major CSPs, perfect for workloads that demand high-speed performance and minimal latency.

IP ServerOne Cloud Connect allows you to seamlessly connect and expand your network to leading cloud service providers, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

Absolutely! IP ServerOne Cloud Connect ensures a secure connection by bypassing the public Internet. It establishes dedicated, private network connections between your intranet and IP ServerOne’s private cloud, or vCloud. For added security, customers can also implement encryption protocols like SSL, HTTPS, and SSH to protect their data during transit.

To get started with IP ServerOne Cloud Connect, follow these steps:

  1. Subscribe to IP ServerOne’s cloud hosting services, either with a private cloud or vCloud hosting.
  2. Initiate the provisioning of a virtual circuit on the CSP (e.g. AWS console, Azure portal, or GCP portal).
  3. Once you have initiated the provisioning of a virtual circuit on the CSP portal, simply obtain the Service Key or Pairing Key and provide it to IP ServerOne. Our team will then begin the provisioning process for Cloud Connect.

With just three simple steps, you can now experience the advantages of a secure private network while enjoying significant cost savings.

Unfortunately, no. The minimum requirement is to have either an on-premises server or a subscription to IP ServerOne’s private cloud or vCloud hosting.

IP ServerOne Cloud Connect offers a range of connection speeds. For Dedicated Connections, there is a 1 Gbps fabric edge port available at our Singapore data center. For Hosted Connections, you can choose from connection speeds of 50 Mbps, 200 Mbps, 500 Mbps, 1,000 Mbps, 2,000 Mbps, 3,000 Mbps, 5,000 Mbps, and 10,000 Mbps.

Yes, you’ll need a dedicated router for connecting via BGP peering to AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud. If you don’t have one, IP ServerOne offers a managed router service as an alternative.

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