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IP ServerOne: Business Email Hosting - LinkMail
Everything in one easy-to-use interface

Beyond Business Email
and Collaboration

Multiple selections of email plans and pricing best suit your needs, and if not customize it yourself.

Business Email Hosting Malaysia

linkmail (Business Email Hosting)

At IP ServerOne, we value your time and prioritize your business growth. With Linkmail, a smart email hosting service that lets you access email remotely on any device and takes collaboration to the next level.

Our email hosting – Linkmail supports Outlook, Exchange, and many more allowing you to sync email, contact, calendar, task, and note to access at any time anywhere. Designed beyond email, collaborating and connecting for business or friends and family are made easy with the communication features such as chat, video chat, and audio. The smart integration allows you to sync calendaring apps and scheduling services and access them wherever you are. 

Using an AI-based anti-spam – Promox Mail Gateway, Linkmail is set to automatically identify and prevent spam emails in multi-languages. The anti-spam rules can be customized based on your preference. Truly an all-in-one business email for less!

Why email hosting with us?

Our Business Email Hosting these 5S experience for you.

Support 24x7 in rain or shine

Secure network and access

Sync and connect from any device

Superior beyond E-mail collaboration

Save cost and maximized ROI

Email Hosting with Easy Administration and Management

Automate a variety of system tasks to reduce the time needed for administration and support.

Settings Management

Automate a variety of system tasks to reduce the time needed for administration and support.

Powerful reporting

Manage the users’ and systems’ settings easily and set up customized settings for specific individual or groups of users.

Easily set up new users
and groups

Manage the users’ and systems’ settings easily and set up customized settings for specific individual or groups of users.

Security Comes First

Enforced with a complex password along with 2FA to ensure an authentic access. The 100% SSL encryption and 5-layers antispam filtration works to sieve-out and reject any suspicious email.

Secure Connection, Anywhere and Anytime

No matter where you are in the world, never lose communication with your team.

Convenient Group ChatSecure chat platform within the webmail interface or using desktop or mobile.
Collaboration via Video ConferencingBuilt-in audio/video conferencing with up to 8 participants.

Unified Email and Collaboration Server

Collaboration tools such as calendars, tasks, contacts can be easily and securely shared across a group of users.

Robust calendaring and schedulingAppointment and schedule availability view to simplify collaboration on any device.
Convenient calendaring, tasks, contacts, notes, etc.Access to features such as Calendar, Tasks, Contacts for seamless usage.

Intuitive Webmail

Our Email Hosting is simple to learn, fun to explore and easy to master.

Respond quicker with follow-up flaggingMark emails with a red flag for immediate attention and prioritization.
Auto-complete addressingEmail addresses from sent messages, contacts lists, aliases, mailing lists are automatically pulled in for you to do auto-complete.

Comprehensive Security Policies

Fortified to deliver 97% spam protection without the need for additional expenditures or third-party products.

Antispam and advanced protection

Commercial-grade anti-spam with 5-layers spam checking including an anti-virus.

The server is 100% SSL encryption enabled and will allow only encrypted and with valid certificate connections.

Automatically check and reject the incoming email with unsatisfied sender’s IP reputation, email header, DNS record (e.g SPF and DKIM), attachments, and viruses. 

Access and authorization

The admin access is accessible only when VPN is connected, a valid password, and 2FA authenticated.

2 Factor Authentication is enabled for all webmail and admin access.

High password complexity.

Password brute-force protection enabled the system to automatically block off any user account which entered the incorrect password 5 times.

Advanced content filtering

Manage and set up content filtering rules at the domain level to manage keywords, messages, or attachments from specific domains for users.

Email forwarding is disabled by default.

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