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Data Center In Hong Kong

As Hong Kong’s leading data center service provider, IP ServerOne offers you varied and comprehensive solutions to ease your business’s digital transformation. Speed Up your network to China, Singapore, Philippines, and Cambodia when hosted in our Hong Kong Data Center.

With our China Premium Route, we ensure latency as low as 6ms and you only pay for what you use.

Point of Presence for Hong Kong Data Center - HK1

Hosting Solutions in Data Center Hong Kong

We offer you a comprehensive solution for your data needs.

HK1 Data Center

Secure your data at our Tier 3 Data Center for a higher, more stable connectivity to help grow your business locally and internationally.

Advantages of Hosting in Our Hong Kong Data Center

IP ServerOne aims to give you the best digital experience and help your business perform optimally. To achieve this, IP ServerOne is dedicated in complimenting our data center services with;

Strategic Location

Our HK1 Tier 3 Data Center at Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong ensures is easily accessible and geographically strategic to protect your data from any disasters.

Secured Facilities

We ensure that the building is physically secured with biometric readers (in common areas), additional biometric readers (optional), PIN & card readers, CCTV, and motion detection.

High Connectivity

High connectivity is a given at our HK1 data center so your business can stay connected and perform optimally no matter the time.

24-7 Support

Our team is ready to troubleshoot any rising issues and be on-demand 24-7 to give all the support you need in managing your data.

Organized and Secured​

Easily track and manage your data as our team provide you complete control over your data organization as well as your privacy.

Reliability and Trustworthiness

Our HK1 data center is PCI-DSS, SOC 2 Type II, CSA STAR certified, and TVRA compliant for your ease of mind with complimentary anti-DDoS protection to protect your data online.

Our team of experts is ready to bridge the gap between your business and technology and provide you with outstanding and constructive experiences.

Certifications of HK1
Specifications of HK1

What to Expect at Our HK1 Data Center, Hong Kong

IP ServerOne’s HK1 data center features comprehensive building specifications to provide you with better data center services.

View Full Specifications

Colocation Space 86,909 ft2 (8,074m2 )
Building Type 27-story, industrial building, reinforced concrete structure
Parking Adjacent to building (for fee)
Green By Design
LEED Rating System Gold (Phase IX)
Green Building Rating System BCA-IMDA Green Mark Award (Certified)
Temperature Granular temperature monitoring and cold aisle containment
Lighting Optimized lighting controls
Renewable Energy 100% biomass International Renewable Energy Certificates (IRECs) in 2016
Floor Type Raised
Floor Load Capacity 266 psf (12.74 kN/m2)
Fire Suppression Laser-based detection, VESDA, double-Interlock pre-action sprinkler (dry pipe)
Power and cooling
Power and Cooling Density1.7 – 3.6 kVA per cabinet
Utility Feeders3 or 5 (depending on floor)
UPS ConfigurationDistributed or block redundant (depending on floor)
UPS RedundancyN+1
Standby Power Configuration3 x 2,000 kVA, 2 x 2,135 kVA, and 3 x 2,250 kVA diesel generators
Standby Power RedundancyN+1
Cooling ConfigurationAir-cooled centrifugal chillers and CRAC units
Cooling RedundancyN+1 (on chillers) and N+20% (or better on CRAC units)
Physical Man trap entry
Human 24/7 on-site security officers
Electronic Biometric readers (in common areas), additional biometric readers (optional), PIN & card readers, CCTV and recorders, motion detection
Break Room
Work Kiosks
Loaner Tools
Conference Room
Crash Carts


Cloud hosting with IP ServerOne, be it public or private cloud environments, manage or do-it-yourself, we’ve got you covered!

NovaCloud powered by OpenStack enables you to launch a project instantly through our friendly portal by selecting the computing flavor individually or straight from the menu via our one-click application. We can even design and implement the solution for you if you are looking for out-of-the-menu flavors with distinctive specifications. 

Cloud Services

Experience a seamless cloud journey within our secure infrastructure, accessible from anywhere around the globe.

Cloud Computing for Everyone
Deploy VM in less than 8 min.
On-demand scalability within just 5 min.
Free Snapshot backups.
A Virtual Data Center within your Fingertips.
Make server management easy.
Custom environments for your industry rules.
Adjust your resources anytime, effortlessly.
Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery
Your data remains secure at all times.
Fast recovery after any disasters.
Reduced business disruptions.
Private Cloud
Full control over your server.
Heightened data security.
Customized setup for every need.

Lift Up Business Limitations

Gives your business the network latency, agility, and security
it deserves when your data is hosted in our Hong Kong Data Center. 

Know more about our Cloud Hosting – NovaCloud.

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