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IP ServerOne: Domain name registration in Malaysia
A Good Domain Is Everything

Building a brand starts with a notable domain name

Your domain helps people find you online and makes a first impression. Find one that represents you perfectly.

Domain Name Registration Malaysia

In this world of great digital literacy, the first step potential consumers will perform is a web search on your organization. Whether you own an existing business or just came up with an idea for a startup, establishing a domain name for your business is crucial for an everlasting online presence.

Why Domain Name with us?

A Transcending Support

Our team stands ready to assist in providing you an ease of mind. We have streamlined the domain registration process as much as possible, but if we can lend you a hand just contact us, and we will be there for you.

Ease-of-Use & Extras

Get Free DNS hosting when you purchase a domain name via our user-friendly portal that is designed to ease and enhance your domain shopping experience.

Domain locking & Privacy protection

Enable the lock feature to prevent unauthorized transfer of your domain name and with a minuscule fee, your personal information is protected from being publicly available on the WHOIS database.

Cloud-based DNS management

Venture into our action-packed DNS hosting where you get the Speed and Security upon DNS subscription where we promise no-strings-attached with our pay-as-you-go payment mode.

IP ServerOne Domain Name


IP ServerOne: Domain name registration

Domain name registration

IP ServerOne provides you with the perfect domain name which advocates a sense of professionalism and separates you from your competitors.

IP Serverone: Transfer domain

Transfer your domain

Transferring a domain to IP ServerOne is as easy as ABC. Talk to our domain specialist today and let us take the load off you.

DNS Hosting

A domain name in place? Now it’s time for nameservers! Achieve connectivity over the internet with your domain and boost your virtual identity.

Know more about DNS Hosting or visit our customer portal.

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