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IP ServerOne CJ1 Data Center nestled in Cyberjaya, an approximate distance of 30km from the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is a carrier-neutral colocation data center campus.

Offering concurrent Tier 3 maintainability since 2012, our CJ1 Data Center is compliant with internationally recognized certifications and association guidelines such as ISO27001, ISO27017, and PCI-DSS.

Our CJ1 Data Center has grown from just a “space” to a safe home for IT infrastructure by providing security, connectivity, and redundant power supply to meet requirements and optimal standards for financial institutions, and both local and enterprise businesses.

Point of Presence for Malaysia Data Center - CJ1

Notable Certifications
Specifications of CJ1

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Colocation Space12,610sqft each floor
Office Space7,000 sq ft each floor
Building Type
FeaturesDouble layer concrete roof slab, double layer brick with cavity insulation wall construction
Type4-story, purposed built Data Centre Building and office block with an interconnecting link bridge
ParkingAdjacent to the building (free)
Meters above sea levelStanding tall 24m above sea level
Floor TypeRaised at 800mm, Slab height at 4,500mm
Floor Load CapacityData Center for 10kN/M2, Facility area for 15kN/M2
Fire DetectionHighly sensitive smoke detector (HSSD) available above and below the raised floor, addressable heat and smoke detectors
Fire SuppressionPre-action water mist within the data center and common area, FM-200 Gas Suppression System, hand-held CO2 fire extinguisher
Incoming PowerDual 11KV with 5MVA capacity power feed from different power grids and substations.
Power Path Different incoming cabling routes for redundancy. Redundant room for TNB, Generator, Main Switch Room, UPS room and etc.
UPS Configuration2N4 sets of 3 x 400KVA UPS with N+1 configuration with 10 minutes backup time under full load.
UPS Redundancy2N
Standby Power Configurationx 2MVA diesel generators (expandable to 8MVA) running up to 48 hours or 4 sets of Power Generators with N+1 configuration with 24 hours of backup diesel capacity
Standby Power RedundancyN+1
Cooling ConfigurationCRAC units and water-cooled centrifugal chillers
SystemCold Aisle Containment System
Cooling Density90 watts per sqft, upgradable cooling density
Cooling ConfigurationN+1 with dual power supply for each CRAC unit, and Down Flow Precision Air Conditioners
Cooling RedundancyN+1 CRAC Unit
Additional Efforts
Temperature Control24 degree Celcius, 1/-2 celcius
Humidity Control50% RH 1/-10%
Transformer4x 3MVA cast resin dry-type transformers
PhysicalMan trap entry, Perimeter Fencing
Human24/7 on-site management and security officers
ElectronicAccess card control system at all entrances and exits, CCTV surveillance
MDF Room
Loading Bay
Server Room
Break Room
UPS Battery Storage Room (with hydrogen gas sensor)
Rack Type42U Smart rack
Size600mm x 1200mm / 600mm x 1100mm
Lock3-digits combination lock (front and rear door)
Power2 x 32A commando plug source
Power Distribution Unit2N PDU, 2x primary circuit, 3-phase circuit breaker with hot-swappable
Green Building Index (GBI) Certified
Carrier-neutral with Dual incoming
Tier I Network
Dual riser power or data routing
Border Gateway Protocol (BGP)
Anti-DDoS Protection
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Give your IT infrastructure a safe home that is secure with
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