IP ServerOne: Business Continuity Planning
Backup & Disaster Recovery as a Service

Protect Your Business. Be Ready for Anything.

IP ServerOne is your shield and fortification against data disasters ensuring business continuity. Let us help you define a plan that’s right for you.

“Consider what you want to protect yourself against when choosing between BaaS or DRaaS.” 

In short, backup as a service is suitable for long-term growing data storage in the cloud, while disaster recovery as a service is suitable for instant recovery of the entire VM with a smaller scale of data, in the event of disaster strikes.

Since BaaS solely protects and recovers the data and not the infrastructure, the price point is relatively cheaper compared to DRaaS, which protects and recovers the entire data and infrastructure. However, in BaaS, you will be responsible for acquiring and configuring a new server before the service can be up and running, while with DRaaS, your entire service/VM will be restored within the RTO with the help of our 24×7 in-house expertise.

Let us help to design and implement a backup and disaster recovery strategy that just works-and we can even off-load your IT manpower and manage it for you with our Managed Backup & DR services. 

IP ServerOne Private Cloud Hosting Solutions

Backup as a Service

We safeguard your data and ensure data security and availability. Scalable on-demand with a flexible price model suits your needs.

IP ServerOne FiDrive: Cloud Storage

Disaster Recovery as a Service

Instant recovery of the entire server and ensure business continuity. Freedom to manage the DR yourself or leave it to our experts.

Expect The Unexpected

Talk to our Backup & Disaster Recovery Specialist Today and Get Your Business Protected.

Join us for SembangDR Day!

Acorn Recovery as a service

Let’s sembang about disaster recovery (DR), connect with industry peers, and see how fast we restore services after a disaster.

Date: May 16th, 2024 (Thursday)
Time: 2:00pm – 5:30pm
Venue: Idea Zone, IMAZIUM, Damansara Uptown

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