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The difference: BaaS vs DRaaS

The difference between BaaS and DRaaS can be illustrated with a simple analogy.
Imagine your bicycle is wrecked.
IP ServerOne BaaS vs DRaaS

With recovery from BaaS, you would get your bicycle back, but it would be in pieces that you would need to reassemble.

IP ServerOne BaaS vs DRaaS

With recovery from DRaaS, the bicycle will reappear or reassemble completely and is ready to cycle away.

Backup as a Service (BaaS) only stores and secures data files, whereas Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) stores and secures the entire server, including the operating system, applications, configuration, and data. 

Here’s the breakdown of the differences: 
Type of Recovery Backup & Standard Recovery Disaster Recovery
Key Function Protects against data loss
  • High Availability for mission-critical applications
  • Instant recovery after a disaster
Target Device
  • Servers, workstations, mobile devices
  • Cloud-based Apps (e.g Microsoft 365, Google, Salesforce etc.)
Critical servers and virtual machines
Recovery Requirements
  • Data loss avoidance
  • Longer-term retention of past data
  • Ability to restore/ access single files or emails – quickly
  • Quickly failover critical workloads to an offsite environment
  • Fail-back to the primary site
Required Infrastructure  Secure local and off-site storage
  • High-performance off-site storage
  • Compute and network resources
  • DR orchestration software
Storage Type Local and/or off-site cold storage Offsite hot storage
Recovery Time Objective (RTO)  Slow (days/weeks) Fast (minutes)
Usage Frequency Often Rarely
Ease of DR Testing Complex Easy

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