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DNS Hosting - FAQ

How can we help you?

What is DNS hosting?
  1. The Domain Name System (DNS) is the telephone book of the internet and is crucial in translating domain names to IP addresses so browsers can load Internet resources.
What are the DNS Hosting services offered by IPServerOne?
  1. We offer both free and paid DNS hosting plans. Refer here for the Free, Standard, Premium and Premium Plus DNS hosting plans specifications.
Am I allowed to downgrade from Premium/Premium Plus/Standard DNS Hosting to Free DNS Hosting?
  1. The DNS hosting plans can be easily upgraded or downgraded in just a few clicks away. Refer here for more information.
How do I manage the DNS records from the portal?
  1. Follow the guide here to manage the DNS records. 
From the portal, how do I indicate the status of my DNS record?
  1. Hover the cursor to the tooltip next to the status for DNS hosting and a message for the status will prompt up.
How do I terminate DNS Hosting from my domain?
  1. Click on the delete button for the domain you wish to terminate the DNS Hosting plan, enter the account password to proceed, the plan will be removed and charges will stop. The undeleted domain will result in continuous charging.
What to do if my DNS hosting plan is suspended due to insufficient cloud credit?
  1. A one-time or recurring cloud credit top up can be made via the portal. Refer the one-time credit top up guide here or set auto-recurring top up with this guide
Why are my services (website or email) not functioning after adding DNS records?
  1. It may be due to your domain name is pointing to another nameserver. To rectify this, please ensure the nameserver for your domain is pointing to ns-1510.ipxcdn.com and ns-2379.ipxcdn.com. Check your nameserver here.

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