IP ServerOne Obeject Storage: S3-compatible cloud storage solution
S3-Compatible Object Storage in One Platform

Drop in the Bucket and Store Limitlessly

Object Storage powered by NetApp’s StorageGRID provides you with the unlimited storage, infinite scalability, and security you need.

Object Storage pricing

An agile and scalable home for enormous unstructured data provides flexible analysis and retrieval of the data.

Object Storage Pricing


MYR 0.0416670

per hour

Extra fees are incurred for exceeded usage based on the
following hourly charges: 
Storage MYR 0.00014 per GiB
Data Transfer MYR 0.04 per TiB
Reads MYR 0.01 per 10,000
Writes MYR 0.02 per 2,000

Use Cases

Long-term and Archive Backup
  • Utilize IP ServerOne’s Object Storage (S3) as NAS storage in the cloud.  
  • Securely store and manage long-term or archival backup data and ensure data availability over extended periods.
Scalable On-demand Storage
  • Implement a scalable Object Storage (S3) solution that can dynamically scale out to accommodate growing data needs.
  • Enable flexible resource allocation and cost optimization as storage requirements evolve.
Backup in the Cloud
  • Leverage Object Storage (S3) as a reliable mechanism for backing up non-critical and archival data to the cloud to ensure data availability.
  • Reduce TCO and optimize operational costs by paying only for what you use.
Shared Drive Across Systems
  • Seamlessly run Object Storage (S3) across multiple systems.
  • Implement robust access controls and permissions to safeguard data integrity and security.
Application Integration for Large Data Sizes
  • Facilitate seamless integration with various applications and systems, allowing efficient storage and retrieval of large data sizes.
  • Ensure compatibility with data-intensive applications and workflows.

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