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Playing the Game of Ransomware

When life at the forefront of Data security feels treacherous!

Playing the game of Ransomware…whether you like it or not

Does managing your data security sometimes feel like you are part of the Squid Game? Where any wrong move can have disastrous consequences? 

Today we take a look at the villains in the world of the Cloud – the malicious actors who use various types of ‘ware’ to extort ransoms from their victims. 

SembangCloud ransomware IPvServerOne
LockerBlocks access to computers and attackers require payment to unlock access.
CryptoEncrypts all or some files on a computer, and attackers require payment before handing over an encryption key. Usually spreads via infected email attachments.
Double extortionWhen cybercriminals demand one payment to decrypt the files and another not to make them public.
Ransomware as a service (RaaS)When cybercriminals can access malicious code for a fee.

While attacker’s methods have change over the years, the goal remains the same – target vulnerable victims, block access to important data, and demand a ransom to reinstate access again.

The Ransomware Industry has evolved rapidly from where it started and is now a multibillion-dollar industry.

1989The beginning of ransomware, with malware dubbed the AIDS Trojan.
2000’sThe emergence of the internet and email brought GPCode and Archievus phishing attacks.
2010Ransomware goes mainstream with locker ransomware, stronger encryption algorithms, and the concept of cryptocurrency.
Mid 2010’sNew targets are set and attacks move from PC to mobile, Mac, and Linux devices.
Late 2010’sRansomware goes global as techniques evolve to more sophisticated encryptions.
Late 2010 to early 2020Ransomware reaches its most destructive stage. Two factors have shaped this phase- extortionware and big-game hunting.
2020The global Covid-19 pandemic also propelled the spread of double and triple extorsion variants, as well as RaaS.

Ransomware is a business driven by economics, where operators are profit driven and face stiff competition and are using technology to increase access to your assets.

Now, more than ever, it is important to look at your defense and security strategy when it comes to your data.

There are many Malware strains, but below are some to know:

BadRabbitEncrypts the user’s file tables and demands Bitcoins to decrypt them.
RyukDistributed by phishing emails containing malicious Microsoft Office documents.
PetyaA type of crypto-ransomware virus targeting Windows servers, laptops, and PCs in particular.
NotPetyaConsidered ransomware, but as wiperware, it focuses on destroying files rather than collecting money.
ScarewareGenerally tries to freak the users out by displaying an alarming message and consequently tricks them into downloading malware.
JigsawEncrypts and progressively deletes files until a ransom is paid.

A Glance at Ransomware Statistics in the APAC Region

SembangCloud ransomware statistics IP ServerOne

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