IP ServerOne: SSL certificate Malaysia
SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificate

Secure Your Website and Enhance Your Customer's Trust

Established trust by fortifying your site, protecting the privacy and credentials of visitors, and securing transactions.

Plans & Pricing

Choose between Alpha SSL and Wildcard SSL, with or without installation best suits your needs. 

Alpha SSL is suitable for a single domain URL, such as yourdomain.com. On the other hand, the Wildcard SSL certificate secures your website URL and an unlimited number of subdomains, such as yourdomain.com, aaa.yourdomain.com, bbb.yourdomain.com, and so on.

SSL Self-Installation Plans & Pricing

Alpha SSL

MYR 110+

per year

Wildcard SSL

MYR 660+

per year

+: Subject to 8% SST

Prices are provided as a guide, may vary due to changes in foreign exchange rates.

SSL with Installation Service Plans & Pricing

Alpha SSL Package A
Alpha SSL Package B
Wildcard SSL Package A
Wildcard SSL Package B
Secures domain
Unlimited Subdomains
SSL Certificate
Server hosted at
IP ServerOne
Third-Party Provider
IP ServerOne
Third-Party Provider
Installation fees per server
MYR 170+
MYR 280+
MYR 170+
MYR 280+
Price per year
MYR 280+
MYR 390+
MYR 830+
MYR 940+


Optional: SSL Installation on multiple servers is available at MYR 170+ per server.

+: Subject to 8% SST: Prices are provided as a guide, may vary due to changes in foreign exchange rates.

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