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Announcement: Discontinuation of Shared Hosting Services

IP ServerOne DNS Hosting

IP ServerOne is marking our 20th year soon in 2023 and we would like to thank our customers and their continuous support throughout this journey. It has been a fantastic Two-Decade ride in the growing global technology, cloud acceleration, cybersecurity, and market trends.

We are grateful to have our customers in our journey starting from the shared hosting to our cloud and data center era. It has since been IP ServerOne constant effort to innovate and develop our technology and services to be more cloud-centric.

After months of thorough consideration, we have come to a conclusion that IP ServerOne will be discontinued our Shared Hosting services, effective 31st December 2023. We are moving toward products that can provide our customers with improved security, reliability, performance, and quality of service. We want to be better for our customers!

That said, we invite our shared hosting customers to join our growing cloud family. Find out more about the offered packages and a guide to shared hosting discontinuation by downloading our guide.

As of now, any renewal of shared hosting services is no longer available through our customer portal.

Simply reach out to us at +603 2628 1688 or email us at cs@ipserverone.com if you have any queries pertaining to the service discontinuation or renewals.

Source: IP ServerOne

Discover how IP ServerOne helps to smoothen the transition via our Guide to Shared Hosting Discontinuation & NovaCloud hosting. 


We have designed 3 types of NovaCloud Hosting for your consideration and if none of the plans suits your business needs, just connect with our Cloud Specialist at cs@ipserverone.com and we can customize the hosting solution to just what you need.

More info here: https://www.ipserverone.com/novacloud/

Suitable for static websites and low-traffic usage.
*Recommended to users with current SME Hosting and Linux Hosting (less than 100GB)

Suitable for users with a high email usage and load, as well as those who require more storage.

Suitable for e-commerce or reseller customers who require more memory and better performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

The shared hosting services will cease its offering and support services effective 31 December 2023 to make way for better cloud development and hosting.

We wanted to serve our customers better, and that included continuously upgrading our infrastructure and service to be more secure and reliable. Additionally, creating more flexible and customizable options rather than a rigid shared platform.

Yes, we do and will continue to do so! We are encouraging shared hosting users to move to the cloud because we strongly believe that cloud adoption brings vast digital opportunities and a more cost-effective solution.

You will not be able to access the website or email services hosted and all data will be deleted and not retrievable. Please refer to FAQ No.8 for the recommended actions to be taken prior to the termination.

No. Unfortunately, we no longer allow for any renewal effective 1 January 2023. However, we will allow monthly renewal for up to 3 months in line with the migration process and retrieval of data.

Yes. A refund is available at a prorated amount should you wish to migrate out prior to the service period expiry date. Simply contact our Customer Support for assistance at cs@ipserverone.com.

Should you wish to upgrade to our NovaCloud Hosting plan, we will prorate the amount and credit the balance to your service upgrade invoice.

However, if you choose to migrate to another service provider, self-migration may be required, and we will prorate the amount to be refunded back

Backup and retrieve all your data

Migrate to IP ServerOne offered services (NovaCloud hosting /Email hosting); or any other service provider

NovaCloud Hosting: https://www.ipserverone.com/novacloud/

Email Hosting: https://www.ipserverone.com/email-hosting/

Note: All other shared hosting services (e.g SME, Linux) are obsolete and thus these are not an option

You may refer to customized NovaCloud hosting plans (Basic C1, Lite C1, and Plus C2). Reach out to our team at cs@ipserverone.com for a FREE further consultation, hosting options, package customization, and migration fee.

Migration fee varies depending on the size of data, complications of migration, and many more.

Simply reach out to our Customer Support at cs@ipserverone.com with the nature of your business and requirements, and we shall connect you with a dedicated Account Manager that will assist on your cloud journey.

Talk to our Account Manager and let us know your budget and requirements and we will be able to customize the right plan just for you. Reach out to us at cs@ipserverone.com for a FREE consultation.

Prior to the migration process, we will check on the current setup, volume, and size of data to develop the migration and deployment plan. These are taken into consideration during your consultation with our sales team together with our technical engineers.

We highly recommend you migrate out of the service at least 2 weeks prior to termination. Once the service is terminated, all data will be deleted and not retrievable. All websites/emails will be affected.

If you choose to migrate to our Email Hosting, we will assist with the email data migration (subject to availability);

However, if you choose to migrate to another service provider, self-migration is required and we will do our best to point you in the right direction.

We highly recommend you seek migration assistance from the new service provider because they will be more familiar with their system and infrastructure.

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