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Small Business, Big Impact: IP ServerOne’s Cloud Managed Services


In today’s fast paced tech landscape, staying ahead of the technology curve is not just an option but a necessity for tech enthusiasts and professionals. Adapting to the latest trends and adhering to industry best practices has become a ubiquitous challenge across all industries. In this blog post, we delve into the key advantages of IP ServerOne’s Cloud Managed Services and why it stands as the premier choice for SMBs.
Cloud Managed Services have become extremely competitive in today’s market. As the demand for cloud solutions grows, businesses, particularly SMBs, are recognizing the benefits of outsourcing their IT infrastructure to reliable managed cloud service providers. These providers offer a wide range of services, including hosting, storage, networking, security, and application management. By utilizing managed cloud services, businesses can rapidly expand their infrastructure to keep up with growth, without the need for costly resources or expertise. The cloud computing industry is projected to continue its exponential growth as more companies embrace remote and flexible computing solutions that offer scalability, speed, and accessibility.

What are Cloud Managed Services?

Essentially, cloud managed services refer to the outsourcing of a business’s IT infrastructure, applications, and services to a third-party provider. This means that a cloud provider will take on the workload for your company instead of you managing it alone. The services provided cover a variety of IT functions, including hosting, storage, networking, security, and application management. We have mentioned the 7 benefits of having a managed cloud service provider. The cloud managed services market has exploded onto the market.

Statista noted that in 2023, the public cloud management and security market was expected to be worth US$ 42.4 billion. The global cloud-managed services market size is anticipated to reach over US$ 164.0 billion by the end of 2027.

Why SMBs need Cloud Managed Services

There are multiple reasons why cloud managed services have suddenly grown so popular, especially for SMBs. As the digital age evolves, more businesses are switching to the cloud for all their business needs. Infrastructure is the core requirement for any business, and the cloud is the most feasible solution. However, lack of expertise and expensive resources are making things hard for SMBs. Here’s some reason why you should outsourced your Cloud Managed Services:

1) Risk Mitigation on Operations:
An essential aspect of ensuring sustained success in a competitive landscape is uninterrupted business operations. By leveraging the expertise of a cloud management provider, organizations strengthen their ability to maintain operational continuity in the face of potential cyber threats, system outages, or server failures.

2) Elevated Security Measures:
Cybersecurity challenges are constantly evolving in the realm of technology. By entrusting your systems to a cloud-managed service provider, you gain access to 24/7 vigilance and cutting-edge security protocols. Expert assistance is readily available to swiftly respond to any crisis situation.

3) Access to Value-Added Services:
The adoption of cloud-managed services allows organizations to utilize premium tools and platforms, enhancing the efficiency and quality of services. This competitive advantage translates into an improved ability to meet the growing demands of clients.

4) Elimination of In-House Resource Requirements:
Opting for in-house resources brings additional responsibilities, including labor laws compliance, employment regulations, and hidden costs management. Moreover, the longevity of these resources within the organization is uncertain. By outsourcing cloud management services, organizations can eliminate these challenges and achieve a more cost-effective solution in a competitive market.

Cloud outsourcing is a strategic approach that involves procuring external IT support services. It parallels the process of enlisting a proficient IT collaborator external to your organization. With external IT support, organizations can leverage on their professionals and expertise to effectively manage their IT infrastructure and oversee their cloud services.

How Cloud Managed Services Provider benefits your business

1) Speedy Response Times
Managed Cloud Service Providers have its technical staff available around the clock, your technical concerns can be swiftly addressed. You can conveniently submit inquiries and requests related to equipment relocation, scheduling, and colocation equipment management, ensuring prompt resolution.

2) Proactive Maintenance
With in-house cloud management is possible. Still, it requires lots of time, expertise and it’s also expensive, while it can never reach a managed cloud service provider quality level for the exact or even lower price. Service providers offer organizations a SLA agreement and ensure the services are provided with affordable service continuity.

3) Cost Saving
For a growing company, it might not be cost effective to have a highly trained engineer onsite, 24 hours technical support for emergencies or essential maintenance for own on-premises data centers. While with IP ServerOne, we provide 24 technical assistance as well as when disaster strikes.

4) Harness Our Assets
IP ServerOne caters to a diverse clientele of over 50,000 customers, spanning the spectrum from startups to enterprise-level organizations, and our customer base continues to expand. We hold in high regard the trust and confidence that our customers have vested in us.

5) Comprehensive Solution
Our team of experts is committed to working closely with you, providing one-on-one guidance throughout every phase of your IT transformation, ensuring the success of your business.

6) Constantly Managed
Managed Cloud Services Providers will have their technical support team in place that will continuously monitor your network. Once they detected any potential issues in real-time and will intervene to destroy them before causing any harm to your business.

Final thoughts

Cloud management outsourcing has become a preferred choice for numerous companies, offering substantial advantages in terms of time, cost, and resource conservation. However, the benefits extend beyond these practical considerations.

IP ServerOne has garnered an impressive array of certifications and compliance measures, providing organizations with the peace of mind that we are in capable and trustworthy hands.

At IP ServerOne, we understand your business needs. With us, we simplify your cloud journey, providing you with dependable and flexible cloud computing services that take your business hassle out. Explore how IP ServerOne can empower your business here.

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