Discontinuation of shared hosting service

So, you have heard from us that we will be discontinuing our Shared Hosting service to make way for better, secure, reliable hosting services. You’d think, what will happen to your website or email?

Relax. Take a deep breath.

In this page, you will find information that’ll help you decide whether you should upgrade to IP ServerOne’s cloud hosting service: NovaCloud, or terminate and migrate out to another service provider.

Cloud hosting is a way to store a website or application on many different computers that work together. This makes it more reliable, flexible, and scalable. It’s like having different staff from different departments work together to ensure your website or app is always available and works smoothly. Instead of relying on just one computer, you can use the power of many different computers to store and access your website or app. Think of it like renting a portion of a big, interconnected network of computers instead of relying on a single computer to host your website. It’s reliable, scalable, and flexible!

You can now experience cloud hosting at IP ServerOne through our service called NovaCloud.

Shared Hosting vs. Cloud Hosting: A Simple Analogy

Shared Hosting
Cloud Hosting: NovaCloud
shared hosting_analogy

A user in a shared hosting environment is like living in an apartment building where you share the building's access and facilities like the elevator, gym, pool, terrace, and so on with many other tenants.

A user in a cloud hosting environment is like owning your own house, where you have access to the entire property and the flexibility to customize as you need. You can implement various security measures, such as installing multiple doors or locks, and adding or removing rooms at any point in time.

Just like the apartment analogy, a user in a shared hosting environment is sharing the resources of a single physical server, such as the CPU, RAM, and storage, with many other users.

Just like the house analogy, a user in a cloud hosting environment will have the entire resource pool to themselves. This greatly increases your website’s security and performance.

This makes shared hosting a far more affordable option, but it also means that your website's security or performance will be impacted.

This may make cloud hosting slightly more expensive compared to shared hosting, but it is important to note that switching to cloud hosting means we are not compromising our service standards, especially on our data security and business continuity.

Shared Hosting
NovaCloud Hosting

Computing Resources
E.g.: CPU, RAM, Storage, Bandwidth, IP Address



Scalability & Agility
Having the ability to add new rooms or remove them as needed. Upgrade or downgrade your server at any time to accommodate website/email fluctuate traffic or usage. 



Automated Backup
Making sure your website/email is protected from ransomware attacks or disasters or human error.



Reduce the risk of service disruption due to ransomware attacks or any technical glitch.



IP Address
An IP Address is equivalent to a house address. Thus, a shared IP address can be hacked easily and is unsafe.



Server Access
Server is equivalent to a house. One would prefer to have entire access to your own house for security and peace of mind.

No Access

Full Access & Control

Customization or Integration
Businesses have the need to follow the trend as technology advances. It is important that your server can accommodate to new tech changes.



Back to the analogy of apartment vs. owned house, shared hosting is comparable to multiple tenants living in the same building and utilizing the same resources. As a result, there is a high chance of encountering these incidents:

Ransomware Attack

Blacklisted IP Address

Spam Email

Full mailbox, cannot send email

Cannot move your business for digitalization

Thus, if you emphasize data security and peace of mind, we will encourage you to consider switching to NovaCloud hosting.

Highlights of NovaCloud

Infrastructure level security.
User level security.
ISO-certified & SOC 2 Type II Compliant. 

FREE 26+ data backup

Automated Daily, Weekly, and Monthly backup (26+ copies) at the storage level. We help with data recovery at additional cost.

In shared hosting, you have limited control over your server, but with NovaCloud hosting, you will have full control. Easily upgrade storage, optimize performance, or migrate to another cloud provider with no string attached.

With NovaCloud, you’re not just getting a cloud hosting service – you’re getting a top-of-the-line, high-security, premium experience that’s worth the investment.

Talk to our Cloud Specialist to find out more.

Plans & Pricing: NovaCloud Hosting

Basic C1

MYR 125.00 ++

per month

Recommended For

Suitable for static websites and low-traffic usage.

*Recommended to users with current SME Hosting and Linux Hosting (less than 100GB)

Lite C1

MYR 208.33 ++

per month

Recommended For

Suitable for users with a high email usage and load, as well as those who require more storage.

Plus C2

MYR 291.67++

per month

Recommended For

Suitable for e-commerce or reseller customers who require more memory and better performance.

Stuck on which plan to choose? No worries – we are here to help. And if you want a personalized recommendation, our Cloud Specialist will factor in your shared hosting usage and steer you in the right direction. 

If you're READY to EXPERIENCE the full power of cloud hosting, it's time to switch to NovaCloud.

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Awesome! Here’s what will happen:


Sales will send you quotation & invoice


Sales will schedule your migration


Provisioning the server. You will received login details in ZIP file.

• Control Panel login (e.g. WHM / DirectAdmin)
• SSH login + Private Key

Here’s the example of email and KB for your reference.


As the client, we will recommend you to check on whether the services is up & running as well. Website is able to update.


Migration done. We will make sure your website/email is working before handing it over to you.

We will send you the mail configuration, please make sure to update your mail settings.

Here's the example of email and KB for your reference.

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Sure thing. Here is the journey to shared hosting termination.


CS will kick start the termination process.


Your new service provider is to migrate the website/email to their side.


Our CS will prorate the amount and refund back to you.

Move out

We will see through until all the data are completely move out from our server; and your service is officially terminated.

If you ever change your mind in the future, we would love to welcome you back!

That's it for this guide!

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any concerns - we're always here to help.

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