Shared Security Responsibility

Ensuring the security of our services is our utmost priority, because without proper security measures, even the greatest hosting capabilites will prove meaningless. Therefore, we want to highlight the importance of shared responsibilities between you, and the customer and IPServerOne, as the service provider work together and ensure that security breaches, threats. vulnerabilities, and fraud are prevented ahead of time.

IPServerOne as the service provider is mainly responsible for operating, managing and controlling the security and compliance from the foundation level, such as our infrastructure, physical hardware, network connectivity up to the host operating system. This means that we are responsible to deliver uptime reliabilty of our services on a consistent basis. Meanwhile, customer are responsible for making sure that customer’s data, access management, web applications and other configuration are handled according to the best practices.

However, please note that the level of shared responsibilities might differ from each different service. For a better understanding of our Shared Responsibility Model, kindly refer the diagram below:

  Customer Responsibility  IP ServerOne Responsibility
Cloud Hosting
Dedicated Hosting
Configuration Management
Customer Data
Web Applications
Identity & Access Management
Data Encryption
Data Archive & Backup*
Virtual Machines (Instance)
Operating System
Foundation Service
Storage (Hard Disk Capacity)
Infrastructure Database
Physical Infrastructure
Hardware (Servers)
Data Center Security

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